RIPS Technologies and TYPO3 are proud to announce their new technical partnership. TYPO3 will be using RIPS industry-leading code analysis solution to continuously scan the TYPO3 code base for security vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

CEO Johannes Dahse explains: “This partnership represents another milestone in the development of our company and our product. Supporting prominent open-source organizations like TYPO3 and further helping to enhance the security of open-source projects and the developers that work with them is important to us.”

TYPO3 is known for its superb track record in the enterprise-level market space, where strong security is paramount. “As a PHP-based web-CMS, the amount and severity of known issues are on the low-end for TYPO3, compared with other CMS. In addition, our security team handles known vulnerabilities quickly, professionally and in a responsible manner. Partnering with RIPS allows TYPO3 to be more efficient and find all possible attack vectors quickly. This increases our ability to have new open-source code already analyzed by RIPS before it is released to users. The TYPO3 security team is able to focus on security improvements for next versions, rather than repairing old versions.” reports Benni Mack, TYPO3 Project Lead.

Dr Johannes Dahse, CEO of RIPS Technologies, also shared his excitement about this new partnership, saying: ”The TYPO3 security team needs to take advantage of its deep technical expertise and needs to respond quickly to vulnerabilities so that they may ensure that the TYPO3 codebase is secure. We are happy and proud to support them with our technology.“

About TYPO3

TYPO3 CMS is a free content management system for websites. It is the most widespread open-source enterprise CMS. Approximately 500,000 websites have been developed with the CMS. TYPO3 CMS is based on the programming language PHP. The current version can be downloaded from the download page.

About RIPS

RIPS Technologies is an international technology leader in fully automated web application code security analysis. We help companies secure web applications with an automated security analysis that quickly uncovers security flaws in source codebases. With our innovative code analysis algorithms that are specifically dedicated to each programming language, even complex vulnerabilities are detected in modern applications that no other solution can find. By using our software, companies can prevent cyber attacks and data breaches which can cause great financial and reputational damage. RIPS is able to automatically fix vulnerable code lines and can seamlessly integrate itself into the software development life cycle for efficient issue remediation and secure development.