The end of the year is coming closer and the cheery advent time begins. We are looking back at a spectacular year and it is time to thank and give back to the great PHP, infosec, and RIPS community. Thank you for developing, auditing, and securing your PHP applications with us in 2017!

Similar to last years advent of PHP application vulnerabilities where we released a new application vulnerability each day, we will release a new calendar gift from December 1st to 24th this year again. This time, we will release a daily code challenge for you to solve.

PHP Security Challenges

Each challenge consists of a new PHP code snippet for your review. Within these code snippets a different security vulnerability is hidden. Sometimes the security risk is obvious but seems to be patched, sometimes a rather unknown vulnerability type affects the code. Different types of security vulnerabilities, sanitization approaches, and user input origins are used in each challenge for a great learning experience. The solution is available at the end of each post. Specifically developers that are new to the security field can learn about various pitfalls and tricks of PHP that are exploited by attackers. You can use our daily challenge to train your security skills and to get fit for 2018.

We wish all our readers an exciting and safe December season!